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5 Questions (and Answers) to Determine Your Ideal Colocation Rack

February 24 2021 by Kyle Fragala


Let’s Determine the Best Colocation Rack for You

Uptime. It is the ultimate goal. As someone responsible for the design, support, and/or evolution of a multi-tenant data center, top of mind for you is likely establishing a reliable, high-performance environment for your customers, using cost-effective systems, and implementing the best possible operational management.

The right IT cabinet can help you accomplish it all. The challenge is in determining the best rack for your colocation deployment. Here are some questions to consider and some answers to guide you.

1. Do you have many customers with different specs?

When you are tasked with meeting the needs of dozens of customers, all with different specifications, a truly flexible rack enclosure system can be a godsend. A configurable server rack system, when designed properly, can meet today’s requirements while providing peace of mind no matter what customer (or what specs) comes in.

As you weigh the cost of scaling your facility and “future proofing” your infrastructure, flexible and scalable network/server racks can become vital to the calculation.

2. Are you concerned that product complexity is creating higher costs?

Speaking of flexibility, imagine if an enclosure manufacturer worked with a colocation manager and developed specific products for each customer’s unique needs, and then offered commoditized pricing with flexibility. Think of it as creating your own “standard colocation package” — enclosures, power, cable, airflow system, thermal management, etc. Some rack systems are designed to help get to the price point, creating real price optimization.

3. Do you ever need to add a customer quickly?

When a customer needs to get into your data center as quickly as possible, some rack systems are better suited than others. You always want quality, yet the availability of configured racks (with common accessories pre-installed) that can be shipped fast may move that system to the top of your list.

4. Do you have to supply the same equipment in multiple locations?

Many multi-tenant data centers are part of a larger, global company, which is important at the pricing level to leverage global supplies. With standardized IT cabinets as part of your infrastructure offering, you can deliver service consistency, control your costs, and lower your facility maintenance operators’ learning curve.

5. Are you being properly supported?

A cabinet that “checks all the boxes” for data center managers — capabilities, quick adaptability, flexibility, etc. — is a only part of the ideal colocation racks. Reliable and robust service should be just as important. Leaders in the IT infrastructure market can provide insights and guidance that you can leverage.


Since we mentioned “checks all the boxes,” there’s a solution to think about when it comes to being truly ideal for colocation data centers. Rittal’s new, U.S.-made TS IT Pro enclosure answers all the questions above (and more). Here are some highlights:

  • Structural design and a fully welded frame enable fully integrated systems to ship ready for deployment
  • A wide range of dimensions ensures installation capability for critical IT components
  • The most commonly requested accessories (cable management, power management, etc.) can be installed prior to shipping
  • Configured for immediate deployment, the cabinet allows for installation in the fastest, most cost-effective manner
  • Scalability supports high installation and thermal densities, as well as physical security
  • Designing a solution that meets your needs is simple, ordering is easy, and installing the system is hassle-free

We hope you have more questions! After all, knowing all aspects of selecting your ideal colocation racks ensures long-term value. Contact Rittal at +1 800-477-4000 or email us at rittal@rittal.us. Want more insights into multi-tenant data center solutions? Get your copy of the Colocation Infrastructure Handbook.


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Kyle Fragala

Written by Kyle Fragala

Vertical Market Sales Manager - Colocation (Multi-Tenant Data Centers)