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Lower Your Server Rack Deployment Costs in 5 Easy Steps

February 10 2021 by Herb Villa


Money-Saving Tips for Peace of Mind

IT Facilities Managers have a lot on their minds. Security, climate control, retrofitting, and the overall costs to keep everything running. Sometimes, the humble enclosure/rack/cabinet becomes an afterthought. It shouldn’t. When it comes to paying for the enclosures to support your next IT hardware deployment, there are some steps you can take to reduce your costs (and the amount of sleep you may be losing).

Step #1: Spend Less on Labor

There’s nothing quick and cheap about installing enclosures … usually. Configured for immediate and rapid deployment, enclosure solutions can be shipped complete with accessories installed at the factory. Imagine the elimination of wasted labor on site. Plus, there’s no worrying about having to track loose components and determining how to install them. Your racks come tailored to your needs.

Additionally these same enclosure solutions can be pre-configured to meet site and installation specific design requirements. No more modifying enclosures by hand during the build process. Not only does that mean less labor, it means faster deployment, too.

Step #2: Standardization Across Sites

Take a moment and try to calculate the extra effort it takes your employees to attempt enclosure standardization and consistency across various locations. Now, consider the inconsistencies from enclosure to enclosure — different sized fasteners, door hinges, lock hardware and keys, 19” rail designs, etc. Don’t compromise your path to business profitability; be consistent.

Step #3: Installation Flexibility

Not all enclosures install the same way. Imagine an enclosure system with full-height rear accessory channels for power distribution, cable management, and mounting locations for toolless accessories. Smart engineering creates modularity that ensures that a PDU socket strip can be easily integrated into the IT rack. That adds flexibility and saves time!

This section is the perfect place to discuss The Edge deployments. Although really a scaled down version of a more traditional IT facility, any installation advantage enjoyed by a big data center is also appreciated in an Edge installation: flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and security.

Step #4: Durable Packaging and Palletizing

Having accessories installed at the factory is great, but the question of shipping arises. Not only are advanced rack enclosures sturdy, they’re “ship-loadable” for transporting fully loaded racks to their destination. Integrators can do installations offsite then ship the populated footprints directly to the customer. Unwrap it, roll it off the pallet, plug it in ... done!

Step #5: The TS IT Pro

While IT appliance (server, switch, storage) technologies advance and density demand increases, some enclosure rack solutions are continually evolving. Rittal’s TS IT Pro is designed to keep pace with the next generation of data center trends and be a money saver today.

The short story: the U.S.-made TS IT Pro helps you get better, fully-loaded enclosures faster and easier while keeping costs top of mind. Here are its top benefits:

  1. Easy to order, ready to ship: The TS IT Pro can be tailored for your application, complete with accessories you need installed (see #1 above)
  2. Guaranteed standardization: Enjoy consistency across various locations from a partner that can ensure a continuity of supply (see #2 above)
  3. Flexible installation: Quick-release, easy-to-remove doors increase workspace area; vertical rails easily adjust to accommodate varying depths of equipment (see #3 above)
  4. Fully welded frame and shock packaging: Start with a fully welded frame and finish with available shock resistant packaging, structural design and reinforcements in key areas allow for the shipping of equipment installed (see #4 above)
  5. Learn more about the new Rittal TS IT Pro enclosure: From the robust frame design through a broad range of accessories to an industry best-in-class warranty program … and made in the U.S.A.



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Herb Villa

Written by Herb Villa

Rittal Sr. Applications Engineer