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Karl Schnell: Robust enclosures for the meat processing industry

November 5 2018 by Rittal North America LLC

Cleanliness is vital in the meat processing industry. However, the clearly defined cleaning and disinfection intervals make huge demands on the machinery. For plant constructor Karl Schnell, Rittal’s stainless steel Hygienic Design enclosures are the first choice when it comes to food safety; they can be cleaned until free of any residues and always withstand the burdens of everyday operations.

“We took a good look at what the market had to offer, but found there was no system that came close to the HD series.”
Volker Walch, Head of Electrical Design at Karl Schnell

Rittal’s Hygienic Design enclosures are home to the heart of the system

One of the key elements of product safety is the hygienic design of the machinery and equipment from Karl Schnell, used mainly by large food production companies. Each component must be designed so that product residue, dirt and microorganisms are unable to build up. The components must also be easy to clean. Today, the controls - the heart of every system - are housed in Hygienic Design enclosures from Rittal.

Enclosures made to meet EHEDG recommendations

With the HD series, Rittal is actively facing up to the challenges of the EHEDG’s tough requirements and providing stainless steel enclosures that have optimum surface properties and can be cleaned quickly and safely.

Features include wall-mounted housings and command panels, designed without gaps or outer hinges where bacteria and other microorganisms can take a hold and start to multiply. Details like the leveling feet have been designed so that all the threaded parts are concealed inside the housing after installation.

Moreover, every HD enclosure is fitted with a roof that slopes forward at an angle of 30 degrees to ensure optimum visibility.

Easily replaceable silicone gaskets

One special feature of the machine concept is the gasket: Silicone is used instead of polyurethane, as it is more resistant to every kind of detergent and disinfectant. Unlike seals that are sold by the metre, the easily replaceable, external silicone gasket ensures gap-free sealing.

Hygienic Design enclosure systems now form an integral part of Karl Schnell’s system concept.

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