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2022 IT Enclosure Planning: Quickly Grow Your Infrastructure When Needed

December 15 2020 by Hans Baumann


Adapt Your IT Infrastructure With Confidence

You are an IT Manager or Facility Manager and have the primary and critical responsibility for keeping vital investments up and running (and growing, when necessary); maintaining the 100% availability with resiliency your business demands. You also understand that tomorrow will bring new technologies, applications and end user demands, all requiring you to adapt properly … and immediately.

Oh, and you have to be able to look into your own crystal ball and be ready for all future technologies, as well as be able to implement them without skipping a beat — or worse, crashing your existing production platforms.

Whether in a single user enterprise data center, colocation facility or at the Spine/Edge of your network, any IT infrastructure will require adaptation sooner rather than later. Plus, you will go even further — all the way out to The Edge — to the last footprint at the source of the data in an industrial, retail, transit, telecomm environment; as far away from your primary space as possible. Regardless of the location, when it comes to future-proofing any of these spaces, wouldn’t it be a relief to know your IT enclosures are designed for today’s IT requirements and ready to take on tomorrow’s most demanding trends, too?

This article looks ahead (but not too far) to 2021 and explores a new network and server rack solution that is designed for many applications — large scale deployments to small businesses — with the flexibility to be deployed quickly, efficiently, critically and cost-effectively.

What to Look For in an IT Enclosure

As installation densities (physical, logical and thermal) continue to grow, you need to make sure your installation is ready to take it all on. This is not as challenging (or scary) as it sounds. Planning for the near future is as easy as asking three simple questions:

  1. Where are they going? — define the installation environment
  2. What is going in them? — define the hardware to be installed
  3. How many do you want/need? — while leaving room for future growth

This is where you start, and with the goal of not only getting answers but of asking more questions. Making sure anybody and everybody (the “stakeholders”) have their say as well. You cannot plan for the future in a knowledge vacuum.

With questions answered and conversation continuing, you can make sure to select the correct enclosure platform. A platform that introduces “ility” into the IT space. As you search for and consider solutions, make sure your IT enclosure provides:

  • Modularity and scalab“ility” — to meet current and future density needs
  • Configurab“ility” — at an instant, you can design your own solution that meets your needs
  • Deployab“ility” (quickly) — speed can make a huge difference
  • Compatib“ility” — new enclosures should minimize any impact to your current infrastructure
  • Stab“ility” and Strength — made with quality, built-to-last materials for a variety of installation environments
  • Security — OK, not an “ility” word, but it is critical, both physical and supporting cyber security

TS IT Pro Line

The new TS IT Pro enclosure from Rittal requires mention here. Simply put, this cabinet “checks all the boxes” and has the capabilities data center managers need to quickly adapt to increasing installation densities that will continue to grow in 2021.

Many people will be talking about enclosures in the TS IT Pro line being sturdy.

  • Utilizing proven Rittal frame construction, the TS IT Pro offers the highest level of sturdiness and installation strength. Additional structural improvements provide a significant increase in dynamic load bearing capacity to meet the critical demands of a “ship loadable” system.

TS IT Pro accessories can be selected and installed prior to shipping.

  • Pre-configured with the most commonly requested accessories for cable management, power management, etc. Additional accessories can be pre-installed and shipped rapidly, saving time and money at your installation.

The TS IT Pro line is virtually future-proof.

  • A wide range of dimensions ensures installation capability for critical IT components. Scalable performance supports higher installation and thermal densities, and of course the ability to provide the highest level of physical security.

These U.S.-made enclosures are easy to configure and order.

  • With the critical project timeline in mind, these enclosures are ready to support termination, network and server components, arriving on site to provide hassle-free installation and seamless integration for any IT environment.

What’s your need? If it is any of these, consider the TS IT Pro:

  • Single rack or container solutions
  • Enterprise/Centralized data centers
  • Distributed Spine & Edge deployments
  • High-end colocation, cloud and hyperscale data centers

Being able to grow your IT infrastructure confidently whenever needed takes a load off your mind going into the new year. The new TS IT Pro cabinet platform from Rittal, the global leader in IT enclosures, will ensure you are ready for 2022, 2023, and beyond.

Discover all of the TS IT Pro features and benefits here, or simply contact us at +1 847-240-4630 or email us at rittal@rittal.us


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Hans Baumann

Written by Hans Baumann

Rittal Data Center Solutions Product Manager