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Why Your Facility Needs a Climate Inspection Today

March 26 2020 by Rittal North America LLC


Climate control is critical to automated systems. Excessive heat and fluctuating temperatures can ruin electronics, impairing their operations and lowering the service life of electrical equipment. Even just a 5-10 degree increase in the operating temperature of a device over an extended period of time can affect its speed and reliability, with solid-state devices starting to break down and fail at temperatures exceeding 120° F.  

Temperature-related damage to equipment is far more common than you might think. 80 percent of all control component failures happen because of a temperature issue. When your electrical systems fail, it can halt your production, leading to costly downtime that can cause your business to lose thousands of dollars, or more, per hour.  

A Continual Process  

While having a quality cooling system is essential, the climate control battle doesn’t stop after you install your new air conditioners. Continual monitoring to make sure that your cooling solutions are working properly is important. This can be automatic if you have a climate control system that is IoT-enabled.  

Without climate inspections, your cooling systems could be malfunctioning or not cooling your equipment as they should be. For those without IoT-enabled devices, it’s not uncommon for climate inspections to reveal that an AC unit has been completely dead for an extended period without anyone noticing. Connecting AC units over the network for monitoring can alert you to malfunctions and help prevent this from happening. 

The time-intensive process of a full climate inspection can be daunting, especially for the inexperienced technician. It takes a trained eye to perform these inspections efficiently. Even if you have someone on staff who can do it, you’d be taking them away from their other important tasks.   

The Rittal Advantage 

While climate inspections can be a heavy burden on a facility, Rittal offers a Climate Inspection Service to help you unburden that task. We handle the whole climate inspection process for you so that you can get back to what matters most – running your business. 

With our Climate Inspection Service, a Rittal climate control expert will come to your site to inventory, document, and evaluate the state of your facility’s operations. We’ll inspect all of your enclosure cooling equipment for overall cleanliness, function, and serviceability. After the inspection, you’ll have everything you need to know about the state of your cooling systems, including: 

  • Unit locations and machine numbers 
  • Manufactured dates 
  • Photos of equipment  
  • Ambient and enclosure temperatures  
  • Any incoming voltages  
  • Vibration and noise levels  
  • General comments on the conditions of the units  

Beyond identifying any problems, Rittal’s Climate Inspection Service provides you with a solid foundation for any additional work that is required. You’ll also get ongoing service suggestions specifically tailored to the needs of your site.  

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Want to see our Climate Inspection Service in action? Watch this video.  


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