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When Edge Computing Is NOT the Answer

October 21 2021 By Herb Villa

Since its introduction late last century (Akamai Technologies launched its content delivery network in 1998), Edge computing’s benefits – reduced data latency being primary among them – have made a ...

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October 13 2021 By Herb Villa

Have you felt it? The revolutionary shift in how we live, work, and connect.   AI-driven manufacturing. Autonomous vehicles. Tele-Medicine. Smart ...

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October 6 2021 By Herb Villa

Today’s business environment brings: Labor shortages Supply chain disruptions Increased competition Price fluctuations and economic uncertainty These ...

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September 29 2021 By Herb Villa

Computers are fast. That is not a news flash, I know. Yet, today’s immense data demands and AI workloads require even faster performance.  Welcome to ...

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September 22 2021 By Herb Villa

From now until the end of 2021, you will likely see myriad articles predicting what next year will bring as far as technology goes. For any blog ...

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June 17 2021 By Herb Villa

You want any data center to be efficient, secure, integrated, and provide reliable performance. That goes for Edge deployments as well, of course, ...

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June 9 2021 By Herb Villa

The manufacturing world will never be the same. The new possibilities offered by Industry 4.0 and networked mobile data — deploying IT at large scale ...

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May 12 2021 By Herb Villa

The benefits of Edge computing are clear: Speed: Improves network performance by reducing data latency Reliability: Increases ability to handle a lot ...

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April 14 2021 By Herb Villa

Edge computing is a method of optimizing cloud computing systems by performing data processing at the edge of the network, close to the source of the ...

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March 17 2021 By Herb Villa

Putting processing power as close to the point at which data is generated/used is what Edge computing is all about. “Close” can mean on the factory ...

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