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Increase Manufacturing Mobility with Rittal’s Smart Lifter

April 4 2022 by Rittal North America LLC


Today’s manufacturers need flexibility and simplified integration with their industrial enclosure solutions to optimize their workflows and processes. The constantly evolving nature of production programs and the need to maximize space on the production floor means manufacturers also need flexible solutions for physically moving industrial enclosures around the factory floor. In addition, tools that allow users to adapt to changing production needs and constraints are also a necessity.  

However, the size and electronic density of today’s enclosures means machine builders, panel builders, and systems integrators often have their hands tied when it comes to how safely and efficiently they can transport enclosure systems from one area of the factory floor to another. Traditionally, moving large enclosures would be done manually one at a time, or the process would require a forklift. This option comes with a variety of complications such as upfront cost, maintenance, and personnel with the appropriate certifications to operate the forklift. 

As part of our Rittal Automation Systems (RAS) suite of solutions, the new Rittal Smart Lifter simplifies the industrial enclosure transport process. The Smart Lifter helps eliminate these complications to help machine builders, panel builders, and systems integrators transport industrial enclosures of varying sizes   quickly, easily, and with minimal disruption to factory floor processes. This means manufacturers can increase the mobility of their enclosure solutions while still maintaining the performance and production of their facility.  

Rittal Smart Lifter features and specifications

Engineered with innovative design features for use in demanding industrial environments, the Rittal Smart Lifter can easily transport bayed enclosures of up to 15 feet in length using two industrial lifts at each end of the bayed enclosure. The Smart Lifter can be used for enclosures with   or without a plinth or cable base and allows for enclosures to be raised with enough clearance to install a plinth or cable base if needed. The Smart Lifter is a versatile transport tool for a wide variety of industrial applications.

In addition, a maximum weight capacity of 3,968 pounds gives machine builders, panel builders, and systems integrators the ability to move multiple highly populated enclosures at one time helping to reduce the manual tasks and manpower necessary to help ensure your production facility is making the most of its factory floor space and enclosure configuration. 

Smart Lifter features and specifications include a maximum lift of nine inches in height providing the needed flexibility to work with varying sized enclosures. The ability to easily move enclosures throughout the production facility with durable, heavy-duty rollers helps in making it easy to move enclosures throughout the production facility while also reducing the potential for transport accidents or damage to the enclosure itself.. 

From an ergonomic standpoint, the Smart Lifter utilizes a torque crank for easy raising and lowering of enclosures along with adjustable runners that can be positioned in relation to the base of the enclosure. The Smart Lifter is easily steered with minimal effort from the operator which allows for a wide range of use and industrial application. 


Benefits of using the Rittal Smart Lifter

It’s easy to see how the new Rittal Smart Lifter aligns with the philosophy of our RAS suite of solutions in helping machine builders, panel builders, and systems integrators eliminate manual tasks associated with creating an effective industrial automation framework. The new Smart Lifter also provides additional key benefits for manufacturers in helping to maximize the space of their production facility and enhance the enclosure transport process. 

First, the Smart Lifter virtually eliminates the need for a forklift or other large enclosure transport machine without compromising reliability and durability. In addition, the Smart Lifter can help manufacturers reduce the energy consumption associated with housing forklifts or other like-minded equipment. The lack of motorized parts in the Smart Lifter reduces the need for troubleshooting or regular maintenance. 

Secondly, the Smart Lifter is easy to store, requiring significantly less space to house compared with other enclosure transport vehicles with a similar weight or height capacity. With size dimensions of just 1100 x 750 x 400mm, automation architects can fully leverage the space of their production room floors while still housing an easy to use, innovative industrial enclosure transport solution. 

Rittal Automation Systems helps automation architects simplify their automation frameworks. Learn how you can optimize your industrial automation infrastructure to save time and money.    

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