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Optimizing Edge Deployments [Pt. 3]: Surprising Solutions

November 30 2021 by Herb Villa


Here is the final segment in our 3-part series on optimizing Edge deployments. Watch part 1 here and part 2 here.

Each customer requires a different set of priorities. Before deploying an Edge infrastructure, our focus is on understanding your business and optimizing for your particular application. These real-world examples offer some deeper insight.


Video Transcript:


Can you share an optimized Edge application in the real-world?

One of our customers, yeah, they needed a couple of things which were different. One is we knew they were going into these multi-tenant office buildings, we knew that, you know, they did not own the space. So, critical for them was a new concept for us … portability. They needed it if the lease ran out or they changed offices. You know, the next pandemic happened, or whatever, forced us to either consolidate offices or work remote or whatever. One of the things that we hear them saying is, “Hey, I may not need that space anymore, but I am not going to lose that investment that I made in the infrastructure as well as all the hardware.


Great! Can you share another?

Another one of our customers is a manufacturer ... automotive manufacturer. There, we knew they were dealing with harsh environments and also a transient workforce. So security was critical as well as environmental protection. We provide those solutions, the self-contained nature of our Edge standalone solutions, gives you those advantages.


What does Rittal ultimately provide customers?

We will get them to that point where there is now comfort and confidence in two things. One is in our solution for their deployment. And two, is that from their end, they are investing wisely, they are minimizing risk and they will be able to support their future growth.


Any final advice on Edge optimizations?

We need to get the mechanics, the plumbers, the electricians involved. We need to talk to the IT people, we need to talk to the OT, operational technology people. Critical to successful Edge deployment is start early, talk often, and get everybody involved.


Thanks for watching!


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Herb Villa

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