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Tophinke Relies on Compliant Hygienic Enclosures for Food & Beverage Applications

February 7 2022 by Rittal North America LLC


Customers who reach for a yogurt or chocolate bar in the supermarket shouldn't have to worry about the cleanliness of the manufacturing process. The prerequisite is that all machines, systems, and components in production plants can be cleaned of food, debris, and contaminants and have a hygienic design. The Swiss Tophinke Automation & Building Technology AG used hygienic design (HD) stainless steel cabinets and MCC (Motor Control Center) cabinets from Rittal for a project at the Hochdorf Group.

For the new production line where baby food and many other items are produced, the Hochdorf Group had drawn up their own specification sheet. Special attention was paid to the control cabinets and the housing systems at the interface between man and machine. These were required to meet the regulations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). This guarantees that the enclosures can be cleaned quickly and easily and the formation of dirt pockets is reliably avoided.

“The quality of Rittal products is excellent.”

- Jürg Wittwer, Head of Sales and Marketing, Tophinke

EHEDG-compliant design

The HD enclosures from Rittal met both the EHEDG guidelines and all European standards. The housings did not have any dead spaces in which bacteria or cleaning agents could collect. Typical design features such as the 30-degree roof pitch and the overhanging roof with a horizontal drip edge ensured that liquids drained off quickly and safely. For example, residues washed up during cleaning cannot adhere to the housing. 

The blue silicone seal on the HD housing from Rittal guaranteed reliable sealing. The seal is designed to withstand cleaning agents and disinfectants commonly used in food production and reaches to the outside of the enclosure. This robust design seals between the door or cover and the housing securely and without gaps. It is made from one piece and can be exchanged in no time, if necessary. With the use of HD housing solutions from Rittal, Tophinke supports the Hochdorf Group in minimizing hygiene risks with optimized cleaning results.

Rittal products meet international hygiene standards including those outlined from U.S. regulatory agencies. Our HD series supports the high hygiene requirements of the food and beverage production area. The HD line is designed for cleanability and durability as it comes in contact with harsh chemicals and water temperatures during the cleaning process.

Pre-machined housing shorten the lead time

As part of the project, Tophinke carried out the entire automation, installation, and control cabinet construction. A total of 74 hygienic design stainless steel cabinets and 46 MCC cabinets from Rittal were installed in the system. "We have made great efforts to become more efficient and to optimize our internal processes," says Jürg Wittwer, Head of Sales and Marketing at Tophinke. If the start-up time can be shortened, the company saves costs and customers benefit because their production can start earlier. 

In order to accelerate the construction of the control cabinet for the new production facility, Tophinke ordered fully machined Rittal enclosures. “The cutouts and all external components have already been prepared. This has shortened the throughput time, "says Thomas Baumli, Overall Project Manager at Tophinke. Tophinke and Rittal have maintained a close partnership for many years. “The quality of Rittal products is excellent. The housings match the required interior fittings and the requirements of our customers. We are very satisfied with the flexibility of Rittal” praises Jürg Wittwer.

Through Rittal and Tophinke's partnership, a hygienic solution was created and implemented that meets all regulatory requirements. End users can rest assured that Tophinke keeps their customer’s top of mind when choosing the best solution for a hygienic environment. 

Watch the video to learn more about Hygienic Design applications in food and beverage facilities. 

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