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Kyle Fragala
Vertical Market Sales Manager - Colocation (Multi-Tenant Data Centers)
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Smart Ways to Maximize Your Colocation Space

April 29 2022 By Kyle Fragala

Colocation Facility Managers have a full plate: Meeting the uptime needs of dozens of customers, each with different specs. Quickly adding new customers into your data center. Deterring physical ...

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March 24 2021 By Kyle Fragala

As a colocation facility manager/operator, it is likely a rare moment when you are NOT thinking about all the layers of security built into your ...

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February 24 2021 By Kyle Fragala

Let’s Determine the Best Colocation Rack for You Uptime. It is the ultimate goal. As someone responsible for the design, support, and/or evolution of ...

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January 28 2021 By Kyle Fragala

Intro: As demand for more data and more bandwidth continues, so does the demand for more efficient cooling. Watch the video or read the transcript to ...

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January 26 2021 By Kyle Fragala

Staying Cool As Density Demands Grow and Technology Evolves Some good news heading into 2021: Big data growth is requiring businesses to offload IT ...

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January 14 2021 By Kyle Fragala

Scale Easily and Reduce Energy Consumption (and Costs) with Liquid Cooling The pressure is on multi-tenant data center, or colocation, Facility ...

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